If God is God, He's not afraid of questions.

What to Tell an Atheist

Those who don't belive that God exists often come up with challenging questions and concepts.  For instance, if God exists and knows the future, and has it all planned, then He knows what decisions I'll make.  Therefore, I don't have a free will, and He would be unjust if he punished me for my choices.  On April 1st, 2012, I had the privilege of delivering a sermon at a friend's church (Living Faith Ministries).  The subject: What to Tell an Athiest.  I used Bible prophecy and science to answer that challenge.  The links below will either start a video download or just play the sermon, depending on how your computer is set up.  You can also copy and paste one of the longer links directly into a video player to open a video stream.

 What to Tell an Atheist - Windows Media Format


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