If God is God, He's not afraid of questions.

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If God is God He's not afraid of questions.

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Originally from Australia, I married my pen pal in 1992 and moved to Nashville, Tennessee.  As a teenager, I was an atheist.  That was largely due to what I learned in biology class at school.  Since then, I realized that God does exist, and I learned a lot of truly amazing science that I wasn't told in biology class.  As a result, I started a study group at my church to reinforce the faith of believers, and to help those who hadn't been given all of the facts become better informed.  I did this in the hope that they would realize God not only exists, but that He knows them intimately and loves them personally - more than they can possibly imagine.

While enjoying seeing wonderful videos again and again on the subject of origins (why evolution can't have happened and didn't, and the incredible evidence that points not only at a Creator, but specificlly at Noah's flood and Genesis chapter 1 as being literal history), I began to realize the importance of foundations when it comes to testing a belief.  If we start with something that turns out to be false, and build an entire belief on it, we'll end up believing something false.  However, if that belief is sufficiently juicy, we'll want it to be true and will tend to overlook, or even ignore, the inevitable warning signs that will follow starting with something false.  I noticed that same pattern in other popular beliefs, and also in the account of the fall of man in Genesis.  I named what I'd noticed Satan's Simple Strategy, and documenting what I've found is an ongoing topic in the blog on this site.  I hope that many will help me in the investigation and discussion of this vital topic.  Thanks so very much for visiting.  Please stick around,  It's going to be a really interesting place to hang out.

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