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Satan's Simple Strategy

2: The Method

Posted on May 17, 2011 at 11:55 PM

“If you want to hide something, leave it in plain sight.” Strange but true, and the Adversary knows it. You’d think that the method used by the Devil himself to create globally accepted counterfeits would be highly complex – an effortless product of his massive intellect. Well, the joke’s on us. Satan’s process for counterfeiting all of the most important things that people should understand is a two step process: reverse the foundation, and dazzle the target audience. If he can do that on any given topic, we’ll do the rest.

As an optional bonus in this submission, the following links open text and video versions of a funny story called Love is a Fallacy. It’s about a cold hearted law student’s blunder of romantic love. Some points made are very relevant.

Text (funnier): http://ultaseedha.com.pk/2009/04/06/love-is-a-fallacy/

Video: http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=eK_tb7ob8Kg&feature=related

Reverse the foundation

Every belief system has a foundational fact that the details are built on. E.g.: evolution is built on the idea that the world is millions of years old. If the world isn’t millions of years old, evolution is false. As the law student quoted, “You can't start with a hypothesis that is not true and then draw any supportable conclusions from it.” In other words, if you start with something that isn’t true and build a belief on it, you’ll end with something that isn’t true. That is inevitable. Even worse, since Satan is the opposite of God, he’ll turn the foundation around 180 degrees. So, if you start with something backwards, you’ll end up with a belief that is completely backwards. That’s why the psalmist wrote, “If the foundations be destroyed, what can the righteous do?” (Psalms 11:3) If the enemy can embed just one foundational lie into popular thinking, people will inevitably build on it a belief that is the opposite of what God says. However, warning signs will naturally follow from this: contradictions, omissions, circular arguments…. For us to overlook the warning signs, he also needs to cause a fundamental change in the way we look at things. Which brings me to…

Dazzle the Target Audience

What I call the dazzle factor. The dazzle factor includes an element of “what’s in it for me?” When presented with an option that looks like it’s from God, and also includes something tempting to us, if we embrace it, we’ll try to defend it. That causes us to think defensively. When we do, we stop thinking critically. Then, if we’ve accepted some “forbidden fruit”, we tend to overlook the inevitable warning signs that always follow.

In Eden, the pattern can be seen clearly.

1: God’s foundation was, “I’m God. If you eat the fruit, you’ll die.”

Satan reversed it: “You won’t die. Eat the fruit. You’ll be like God.”

2: The fruit looked really delicious, and came with the promise of Godly intelligence, “knowing what is good and evil”, plus the lie that they wouldn’t die.

The inevitable confusion followed the fall, not the least of which came from Adam. A Hebrew word study reveals the startling fact that when he said, “The woman that YOU GAVE ME…“, he was blaming God for his sin. God made the woman for Adam, and the woman gave Adam the fruit. So, it was God’s’ fault.

When we see the warning signs, we need to pin down the dazzle factor, dig down to the foundation, and rethink our belief. Be prepared to think the unthinkable.

This series isn’t about what the Bible does say, but rather how to tell what the Bible doesn’t say. By eliminating the beliefs that clearly fit the pattern used in Eden, we can pull together and get a clearer understanding of those teachings that hold up to critical thinking. People have a common enemy, and it isn’t each other. Knowing Satan’s strategy should unite us, regardless of what beliefs we have to abandon in the process. Then, we can be a bride for Christ that compromises less on truth in order to worship in Spirit.

We will examine many widely accepted teachings as we move forward, but first I want to make it clear how real the Adversary is. Next time: The Day I Saw a Demon.

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